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Unleash The Power Of The Xbox One Elite Controller With reWASD

Unleash the full potential of the Xbox One Elite controller on your PC with the fully customizable reWASD app from Disc Soft Ltd.

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Unleash The Power Of The XBox One Elite Controller With reWASD
I have been playing computer games since the first day that I got my own PC back in 1995, then in 1998 I got my first console, the PlayStation. I have been chopping and changing between the PlayStation and the Xbox for a number of years, however, I have always stayed true to my PC gaming pedigree. Last week while I was installing Windows 10 on my brand new gaming laptop, I stumbled upon some nifty software from the guys who make Daemon Tools. It’s called reWASD and if you own the Xbox One Elite controller then this will become your new best friend.

Now, I have never tried playing a PC game with an Xbox One controller, as I have a nice Cooler Master Sentinel mouse and a good Corsair keyboard. However, the reWASD software had me very intrigued and as I already own an Xbox One Elite controller I decided to give it a go. Now, I really like this controller and I got mine with my Xbox One Elite, but I would gladly pay the $150 for it as I really feel that it’s worth the steep price.


So What Exactly Does reWASD Do?

Well in simple terms it allows you to remap the Xbox One controller to suit your needs. It even offers way more features than the Xbox Accessories app. Above and beyond the standard features that both the Xbox Accessories app and reWASD offer, you will be able to; remap the controller to keyboard and mouse, remap keyboard keys and mouse buttons to the paddles, map the sticks and trigger zones to keyboard keys, remap the controller to keyboard keys for non-gaming apps, and hook keyboard and controller buttons. The nice thing about this application is that it is really easy to use, it took me a few seconds to orientate myself and once I had gone through the different menus I began customizing my controller for my game of choice.


As some would have expected from my last few posts, the game I chose to test reWASD out on was Battlefield 1. Now Battlefield 1 does allow you to use an Xbox One controller and there are options to remap the buttons in the key binding menu. However, you will have to go into the options and set the profile to custom under the control schemes in order to remap the buttons. For the first round I set the controller onto my first profile which is the same one that I use for Battlefield 1 on my Xbox One, I went into the settings in Battlefield 1 and made a few slight changes to make it a bit easier to compete against players using keyboard and mouse. I joined a round of Conquest and immediately I noticed that it was a bit sluggish. On console my soldier sprints with ease, however, using the in-game settings I found it to be a very different story. I found myself having to press down the stick quite hard to keep him sprinting. I even tried remapping the sprint key to the Y Axis and while it made it slightly better it still annoyed me.

Needless to say my first game was not very good and my score and K/D looked like I was fresh out of kindergarten. So for my second game I switched over my controller to my newly created profile and already from the get-go the game play was a lot smoother. I even managed to pull off a decent score and a K/D of 1.8. Now we must remember that I did this with a controller and not with a keyboard and mouse. Now I did feel that I was at a disadvantage when I played that first round and so I should be, however with the reWASD application I managed to hold my own against gamers using a far easier input method to play. This might be due to the fact that I have become quite good at Battlefield on the Xbox One, either way I actually quite enjoyed using my controller against other players as it gave me a slight smugness each time I got a kill.


Would I use it every day for FPS games on my laptop? Probably not, I still think it’s easier to play with a keyboard and mouse and I guess I would only use my controller for when I am looking for a good challenge. However, if you are into sport or racing games and you are already using a game pad of some sorts, then I can only highly recommend the Xbox One Elite controller and reWASD to truly unleash the full potential of this high-end controller. If you haven’t tried Battlefield 1 yet, then now might be the time as the EA Publishers Sale is on right now and you can pick up a copy for $29.99. If you are looking at upgrading your laptop or even purchasing your first gaming laptop, then head over to our best gaming laptops guides where you might find the right laptop for you.


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That is Norton warning that this application has a low reputation in their community of users. I just did a scan of the install exe and the installation folder and both came back clean. However this doesn’t mean they pose a security risk. Make sure your firewall is on at all times.

No issues with baidu, think it might just be norton being norton
Tried with my controller and infinity warfare, I got very owned like a noob

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