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Track Down That Lost Laptop with Windows 10

Finally you can track down that lost laptop using the Find My Device service in Windows 10.

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Track Down That Lost Laptop with Windows 10

I’m the first to say that I believe Microsoft has finally done something right with its recent release of Windows 10.  However, there are some features that just aren’t there that have been available on competitors such as the Apple Mac line for quite some time.  However, it seems Microsoft is working to remedy that with their new patches they continue to work on and roll out.  One of the latest features to make it to the world of PC?  Find my device.

Apple popularized the Find my device features originally with its iPhone and then iPad products.  Not long after the app released on the mobile platforms, Apple added it into Mac OS X as well.  The feature is pretty great.  If you lose your laptop, you can track where it is and go grab it with this handy service.

Windows users have been left out in the cold or, at least forced to turn to third party solutions for this type of technology.  Until now.  The company has finally gotten around to adding find my device into Windows itself so you no longer have to rely on third party applications that often cost money in order to track where your device is located.

Find My Device

To use the service, click on the Start Menu, select Settings, then Update & Security and finally Find My Device.  Once there click Change to turn it on.  When you do, your laptop will then periodically begin to dial home to update where it is located in the world.

If you do happen to lose your device, all you have to do is go to, sign on with your Microsoft account and then have a look at where your device is in the world.

Of course, with this new technology, comes a small risk to your personal privacy.  Remember, your laptop will begin telling Microsoft where you are, and that may not sit well with some people.  Still, Microsoft has left this feature off by default so it is up to you if you want to use it or not.

Remember, never go looking for your laptop if you believe it has been stolen.  There have been several news stories in the last few years of people tracking down their devices that have been stolen only to get themselves into worse trouble when they finally get there.  If you fear your laptop has been stolen, please contact police.  You can always give them the location and they will take care of the rest.

The Find My Device service is a great service to help people find lost laptops and is a most welcome addition to Microsoft Windows.  However, it doesn’t come without risks so be careful when you use it.  Still, if you have a tendency to forget things, adding this extra layer of protection can definitely help.

So what do you think?  Do you like the idea of using Find My Device or do you think it invades your privacy just a little too much for your comfort?  Let me know in the comments below.

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