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Gadgets have become a vital part of our everyday life. They constantly help us to get things done faster and easier. On top of that, they have a lot to offer when it comes to productivity or safety while at work. As 2018 is fastly approaching, we made our due diligence and we present to you below some most noteworthy wearable tech trends for the upcoming year.

Sports and Fitness

As we already saw, wearable technology is transforming construction but this is just the beginning. Another field that undoubtedly has a lot to gain is sports. Below you find some of the most eye-catching trends for 2018 on top of already well known products such as fitness trackers:

Radar Pace Glasses

Radar pace glasses made their first appearance in 2017, but they are expected to gain more traction within the next year. They can provide a vast number of very useful data for every athlete. What makes them so special is the ability to link the athlete with his/her coach in real time. In that way, the trainer can provide feedback on the athlete’s performance and help him/her to train more efficiently.

Team Sports Wearable Technology


Smart Vests

Wearable technology already is changing team sports, too. The smart vests, that have appeared in the majority of team sports (football, basketball, american football etc.) during the last years, contribute dramatically to the amelioration of the training and to the prevention of serious injuries. Simply by wearing those smart vests, the players can keep track of their performance and see which parts of their game should improve. All these can happen through the data that they are sent to the physio’s computer (or mobile device) directly by the smart vest that the players use.

Smart Bras Bras

Similarly to the aforementioned product, sports bras can also help women train more efficiently and safely. This genre of bras have the ability to track the breathing tempo of the athlete and calculate the limit of exercise for her. In that way, it can protect the athlete from a potential injury or encourage her for more intense training.

Health Care

Wearable technology is changing healthcare, too. Thanks to the huge amount of data that is able to collect allows for a more accurate prediction of various conditions and to their more effective treatment. In a nutshell, it can provide a complete overview of the patient’s situation and it can be a great tool for every doctor. Let’s see in the following list some of the most indispensable gadgets:

Rapael Smart Glove Glove

This unique glove is specially designed for people who have suffered from strokes or for patients who face serious musculoskeletal and/or neurological problems. It encourages motion stimulation and creates a working-out program tailored to the needs of the patient. In that way, the patient can remain engaged to the effort of reactivating his/her hand motion and regain mobility.

Sleep Tracker


Another great healthcare related gadget is a device called Live designed by Early Sense. With the use of piezoelectric sensors within the mattress of the patient, a sleep tracker help with mapping the sleep patterns of those who are using it. This provides a better understanding of the sleeping disorder and as a result contributes to its cure. Fever


Fever Scout is a very self-explained product that is able to detect the temperature alterations of the user. Simply by placing the special patch by the armpit of the patient, you can easily keep track of his/her temperature state through your mobile even when you are away (25-30 feet from the device). The area that covers can be even larger if you decided to use a signal enhancer.

Implantable Technology

What else than implantable technology! Thanks to the advent of new technologies, the existence of miniature technology which can cover a wide spectrum of functions is now a reality. A more intense use of this type of technology is expected to emerge in the future. For now, it has a significant contribution to health care. Some great examples can be parkinson’s or heart monitoring. Smart tattoos are a very interesting case, as well.

Construction Technology

Starting from the construction industry, companies are now using these gadgets like watches, glasses, as well as smart clothing in order to improve field communication, ensures well being and work efficiency. Many of the devices are easy to monitor and can assist site supervisors and contractors with an alert if the employee is in danger. By providing a greater number of security precautions on job sites, building members of staff can now depend on this technology if they find themselves in any hazardous situations as they are building. Some of the wearable equipments include:



Protective helmets are security requirements that have been around from the beginning of building. Traditionally it has only been able to serve up the purpose of physical defense from impact arising from construction field. Helmets are in a position of showing the worker directions in front of his eyes as he moves and navigates the construction site. These helmets can also record concurrent videos that workers share with their employers for explaining of views, opinions, and faster to passing information. Helmets can improve safety by alerting all parties should it detect any impact from a fall.

Smart Glasses

Smart glasses, comprise a video camera that records instantaneous activity from the construction area to offsite professionals. Supervisors can act in response to the occurrences of the jobsite in real-time, and give details to the on-site employee how to carry on. Smart glasses can significantly upgrade exercises, and fight the skilled worker deficiency by giving professionals the chance to divide up views and give lessons to the less-skilled staff. They can be used to pass information to verdict makers, who may not be in the field such as the subcontractor or a project director. This immediate communication will lead to faster decisions, better safety, and smaller mistakes. Safety glasses are worn at any time during work operations and have proven to prevent foreign objects from getting in the eye.

Bionic Suits


These suits have the potential to raise the amount of mass you can haul up whilst defending muscle harm. This is important for the building industry, given the high number of injuries that occur as a result of intense lifting. In line with the Bureau of Labour Statistics, over a million building employees are having back injuries every year. Bionic suits have the capability of mitigating construction-related injuries.


That’s all folks! An exciting year in terms of technology is approaching and there is nothing better than staying up to date with the latest trends.

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