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Three Pros and Cons of Owning a MacBook Air

Learn about many of the pros and cons of owning a MacBook Air so you can decide if Apple’s thinnest laptop is the right device for you.

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Three Pros and Cons of Owning a MacBook Air

Apple’s MacBook Air is one of the thinnest and lightest laptops every released by the company, and it is now slouch either. But it’s not right for everyone and there are many competing laptops under $1000 vying for the Macbook Air’s place on your desk. Today, let’s examine three pros and cons of owning a MacBook Air, so you can decide if it’s right for you.

Pros of Owning a MacBook Air

I always like to begin on a high note, so let’s first check out three of the pros of owning a MacBook Air. Knowing these just might sell you on these machines once and for all.

1. Thin and Lightweight

If you have ever seen one of these up close, you will note how thin these devices really are. Sure, there are other systems that rival their size today, but when they came out there was nothing thinner. If you need something thin and light that you can easily carry with you, then a MacBook Air is a great option for you.

2. Solid System Specs

One of the most surprising aspects about the MacBook Air are the system specs. They are surprisingly strong considering the small form and price. In most models you will find plenty of memory and even an Intel i5 processor. While it won’t be the highest end out there, it will give you more than enough power to get your work done and even a little light play.

3. It’s Price

Outside of the Mac Mini, the MacBook Air is one of the cheapest Macs available, and it is definitely the most affordable laptop option from Apple. Starting at $999, it is the only Mac laptop to come in under $1000, making it the perfect option for anyone wanting a Mac but shopping on a tight budget.

Cons of Owning a MacBook Air

Now that we know some of the good things about a MacBook Air, it’s time to look at a few of the downsides that you may run into if you buy one.

1. Limited Upgradeability

Perhaps the biggest drawback of these systems is there limited upgradeability. These machines are designed to stay in the exact configuration that they are released with. As such, trying to upgrade various components can be quite difficult, and often impossible. While you may be able to upgrade your storage, but things like your processor and RAM are soldered on the board, making it impossible to upgrade.

2. Smaller Storage Capacity

One of the biggest limitations is storage on these devices. While you can get versions with a 512GB SSD, you will pay for it. Most of the models come with 128GB of storage. This means you won’t have a lot of room for files. However, in today’s world, this may not matter, as you can make use of cloud storage or external storage options to get around this limitation.

3. Display Dated

Finally, while the display on the MacBook Air is beautiful, it does feature dated technology. The resolutions of the MacBook Airs aren’t as high as other Macs and PC laptops and there is no touchscreen, a feature that Apple has still to include on its laptops.

Final Thoughts

The MacBook Air was one of the thinnest laptops in existence when it first came out, and while there may be other options in this size range, the MacBook Air is still a strong option in the ultra-portable category. It’s a great all-around laptop, and perfect for anyone who needs to work or even play on the go.

By Matt Garrett

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