They Shall Not Pass First Impressions

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I have been playing the new Battlefield 1 DLC for a few days now and so far all I can say is that the new additions in They Shall Not Pass are well worth the Premium Pass, even more so if the follow up DLCs will be just as good. Sure, I might be biased as I own almost every Battlefield title ever created. However, some might remember that I did not like the game when I played the Beta last year. If you missed the EA Publisher Sale, then sadly the game is back to its full price, however the Premium Pass will still set you back an additional $49.99.

As I mentioned in my post leading up to the release of They Shall Not Pass, the game adds a host of new maps, the French army, new weapons, two new Operations maps, a new Elite Class and an awesome new Behemoth. The Premium Pass also gives you Premium Queuing, however as all the new maps are only for Premium players at the moment, it actually has no effect on your waiting time for a game. This will come in handy as soon as the DLC is released as a standalone upgrade on 28 March 2017. A great new feature that was also added with the update that we got with They Shall Not Pass was the ability to now trade scrap for new skins. Personally I don’t use any of my skins and scrap them to try and get more Squad Boosts. There are also new Puzzles to put together for unique melee weapons. Currently there is still an active event with the goal of obtaining a total of 200 million XP, so far it is not looking too good and the event ends on 19 March 2017. The reward for this event is 500 scrap for each participating player.


This has to be one of the best game modes that I have experienced in a long time. It combines both Rush and Conquest in one awesome game mode. When they first announced Frontlines I had my reservations and was not 100% sure how they were going to execute it. But it seems like EA Dice have managed to create a game mode that is completely unpredictable. Some of the games that I played I thought we were going to lose, as the enemy team was already arming our objectives. But, somehow we managed to turn it around and battle our way into their base and take their objectives to win the game. This is the unpredictability that I wanted from Battlefield 1 and this is a refreshing change from the other game modes that are either close games or complete white washes.


New Operations:

I have spent a lot of my time playing the Operations maps as they are a lot more fun than just playing Rush, Team Deathmatch, Conquest or Domination. While the maps are still fun, it is nice to see two new Operations maps being added as the Oil Of Empires map is not that much fun to play. I have played through both the new Devil´s Anvil and Beyond The Merne maps numerous times to make sure that I can give it my fair opinion. If you read my previous post on the lead up to They Shall Not Pass, then you would have seen that I mentioned that the Verdun Heights map, which is the first part of the Devil’s Anvil Operations, would be dominated from the top. Out of the games that I played, we hardly ever lost or took the hills to get into the second stage of the Operations map. Much like Operation Metro in Battlefield 3 and 4, the team at the top would dominate those trying to get up. Now, don’t get me wrong, it is not impossible to take the hill, however you do need some good team work or a terrible defending team to break through. It must also be noted that the Devil’s Anvil Operations map does not have a Behemoth or any vehicles. I also played Beyond The Merne several times to get to know the map and while I really enjoyed the Operations, the Devil´s Anvil is more my game style. Seeing the Char C2 in action was quite awesome. When I first saw the videos of it being used by the test community I thought that it would be unstoppable. However, there are loads of field guns and other weapons to take it down quite quickly. The anti-tank kit makes light work of the tank and as long as the player has an ammo crate next to them then this Elite Class is quite a force to be reckoned with. Even the limpet mine was quite effective against it as it is a slow moving vehicle.


French Army And New Weapons:

The addition of the French army is a nice addition to the current armies, however all you really get are some new player skins in blue uniforms and some French flags. What I really cared about were the new weapons. Just like in Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4, these new weapons have to be unlocked by completing certain tasks in their respective classes. These range from using specific guns to perform a set amount of headshots to using gadgets such as the mortar. I unlocked two of the guns fairly quickly and so far I have unlocked all but the new shotgun, out of the new guns I must say I like the Chauchat Low Weight the most. I spent a bit of time playing with the new French Assault tank, and I personally still prefer using the small Renault FT to annoy enemy troops rather than breaking through the enemy’s defenses. Taking this new tank down is just as hard as the Heavy tank or the Landship from what I have experienced from playing both as Assault and support. This gives it a great fighting chance for those who prefer the bigger tanks. I have had very little time to use the new Trench Raider Elite Class, however it is quite fun bashing people with the deadly trench club.


So far the decision to purchase the Premium Pass has been a very wise one indeed. The DLC has not been priced yet for those looking to purchase it on 28 March, however, expect it to cost no less than $15 when it is finally released. Hopefully the follow-up DLCs are going to be just as good, as some of the DLCs for Battlefield 4 were not that great. If you are looking at upgrading your setup and are looking for a great gaming laptop to play this awesome DLC, then have a look through our guides where you might find just what you are looking for.

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