The Steam Halloween Sale Is On!

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The Steam Halloween Sale Is On!

By now all of you are probably familiar with Steam’s famous seasonal sales. It’s during these sales that you can find some of the steepest discounts on some of the most popular, and even those that aren’t so familiar, games available on the service. In many ways, it really is the time to buy on Steam. If you are like me, you use these sales to stock up on a few games that you will download and play later, saving your wallet while planning your gaming experience in advance. Every Halloween, Steam does one of the sales for games that fit a more spooky theme. I’m happy to announce that this year’s Steam Halloween Sale is back, and these discounts will be available until the morning of November 1.

Of course, for the Halloween sale, you will only find games that fit the Horror genre, so if you aren’t a fan of this style of game this sale may not be for you. Still, even if you aren’t a huge horror fan, games such as Doom can be found as a part of the sale. At the very least I would take a look at the sale and see if any of the games look like a good fit for you. Some of the games aren’t really horror at all, they just include one element such as spooky locations or maybe even a zombie or twelve.

Here are a few of the games that are available:

For a full list of all the games available, visit the official sale site right here.

This sale will run from now until 10am on November 1. This isn’t the last sale you will see from Steam, either. Steam’s Black Friday sale will begin on November 22 and then a huge winter sale will begin just before Christmas on December 21.

Personally, I love these sales. They are the best time to find the best deals on some of the best games available on the Steam service. While each sale may not cater to everyone, there is a good chance that you will find something that’s right for you at each of these sales. So check it out and see if you grab a game you want for a fraction of the cost.

Do you use the Steam sales to grab some of your games? What do you think of this year’s Steam Halloween Sale? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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