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ShareGamingHub Gives Gaming Photographs a Place to Shine

Showcase your best gaming photography with the new site that hopes to be the next Instagram for gaming – ShareGamingHub.

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ShareGamingHub Gives Gaming Photographs a Place to Shine

Do you enjoy taking screenshots in your favorite games? Do you spend countless hours framing up the perfect shots and then spend time editing them for the perfect blend of gaming ambiance? If so, then you need to check out ShareGamingHub. Billed as “a platform to upload, share and enjoy gaming screenshots,” ShareGamingHub is a new online community designed specifically for you to upload your favorite gaming screenshots.

This new community was founded by its creator Leopold earlier this year, and was funded by Google’s GCP for startups with almost $20,000 in server credits. The sites founder has since left school to dedicate his full attention to this new platform, and he believes that this site could be the next YouTube or Instagram, only centered around video games.

“According to the famous photographer Andy Defrancesco, I know that some people think that gaming photography is in no way art, that the world and the assets were created by the game devs, that the lighting is always optimally scripted by the devs,” Leopold tells me. “In summary, they think you just push a button and that’s it. But there is way more to it and some individuals truly are incredibly gifted at gaming photography. You will see shots of the same exact setting in-game that differ incredibly in terms of quality and what they express.

“Gaming photography works exactly the same as ‘regular photography’, you take a snapshot of a world that was not created by you to celebrate the beauty and the emotion that you feel in that moment. To me, that’s art.”

Leopold has his sights set on the future, that’s for sure. He envisions a world where the site can partner with game designers and users can sell their screenshots with devs receiving a portion of the royalties.

“We want our platform not only to be a place for fun and beauty in gaming photography, but also a place that will kickstart careers and dreams,” Leopold adds. “A place that will give birth to a new generation of gaming photographers and new forms of partnerships between gaming companies and the gaming photography community. There is tremendous marketing opportunities for those companies in gaming photography, and there is incredible growth to be found for the gaming photography community in the world.”

While the service is still in beta, you can find information on how to join this growing community right here. The service is even holding a competition with a $50 Steam Card prize just waiting to be claimed by the winner. If you want to join the competition, you can find out more about it here.

While you can find video game screenshots and videos on the likes of Flickr, YouTube and Instagram, these sites don’t focus on the platform. It’s nice to see someone creating a home and more opportunities for gamers. Will the gaming community embrace this type of network? That remains to be seen. But I believe this will be a good home away from home for many gamers and many budding graphic artists and photographers may even be able to make a little extra cash on the side from the service one day.

What do you think about this new idea? Do you think it will take off? Sound off in the comments below.

By Matt Garrett

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