Problems with the Windows 10 Creators Update

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Problems with the Windows 10 Creators Update

The Windows 10 Creators update is now live and beginning to roll out to PCs powered by Windows 10 across the world. It brings with it a host of new features and enhancements to Windows 10 along with more bug fixes and security updates.

While many people don’t have any issues with the new update, there have been a huge range of complaints about the update process. Today, let’s look at a few of them so you are prepared when your machine decides it’s time to run the update.

Installation Issues

First, let’s begin with the installation problems. Some users haven’t been able to get the installation to run on their machines. When this happens, they are getting many different errors, including compatibility errors and some recovery messages after the machine reboots.

For some, the update process does end up working eventually, but it is really slow. In some cases, it takes hours to complete the update process. One user on Reddit said, “”The update process was very very slow like 1% at every hour. […] After 4 hours I was frustrated because it completed only 5% downloading the update. […] After restart I once again gave it a try to update it to check whether its still slow or not. Surprisingly this time it downloaded the whole update in approx 25/30 minutes. […] I went along and restarted PC for updating. It went okay but I was frustrated throughout as I was worried that it has not downloaded the full update file properly and I might lose all my data. Fortunately it booted fine with the newest update.”

Another user on Windows Central didn’t have any luck at all with the install. “I give up… couldn’t install so did a wipe and clean install using Media Creation Tool, W10 is still on 14393 and will not go past 14393.969 no matter what I do. Using Windows upgrade tool, media creator, insider build preview and clean install nothing works!!!!!!”

Performance Problems

Many users are experiencing performance issues with the new update. This isn’t just with bigger applications, either. In many cases, simple tasks are taking much longer than they normally would. One person noted that Windows “hangs up whenever trying to do simple stuff. Opening Task Manager via right clicking the Taskbar takes 10 seconds, when before it was less than 1.”

Other users found that the Sleep mode wasn’t functioning properly, either. Some users couldn’t get their computers to wake up once they went to sleep. The only solution was to give the machine a hard reset. Others experienced a grey screen when it tried to wake up

Driver and Hardware Issues

Many users have run into several hardware/driver issues on their machines after running the update. Quite a few of the problems seem to be related to the video drivers. Whether or not this is a Microsoft Windows problem or a problem from the video driver maker has yet to be determined. But that doesn’t make it any less frustrating.

Video Issues

Some users have experienced screen flickering since running the update and others have noticed FPS issues when running games or even watching movies. Some have suggested turning Game Mode off to fix some of the problems. While this has worked for some users, many people continue to experience the problem even after disabling Game Mode.

Some users don’t even have a screen at all. After the update they have no video at all rendering their machines pretty much useless until they restore it back to a previous version. One user on the Microsoft forums said, “My computer update last night to the Creator’s Update and this morning I have a black screen with only the mouse cursor.” A full shutdown seems to solve this at least for some users, but a restart isn’t good enough to do it.

Audio Issues

Some users have found that audio sounds choppy or scratchy after the update. In some cases, when using YouTube or Netflix, it gets even worse or they experience sync issues between the audio and video. One user on Windows Central said, “After updating, the audio DTS and DD live of my sound card is very bad, there was no way to correct it, uninstall the drivers, reinstalled them and nothing, my sound card is an X-Fi Titanium connected to a Logitech Z-5500 for optical cable.”

Application Issues

Other users have reported that this new update resets some of your applications. For example, some users have found that the update caused Microsoft Office to lose its activation and if you try to reactivate it you will get a multiple activation error message. Still others found that the update reset their default browser back to Microsoft Edge. This one can easily be fixed simply by going back into your Default Applications and resetting your default browser. Still, why should you have to do that in the first place?

On top of these problems, other users have discovered that their apps were completely missing after they ran the Creators Update. For example, one user discovered that the Xbox app and the Picture Viewer app were just gone after they installed the update. While the update seemingly ran fine for them, it seems that it didn’t reinstall some apps that you might think should be on every installation of Windows 10.

Feature Problems


Some of the new features don’t seem to be working for many users, either. Game Mode, for instance, continues to give headaches to users, but that’s not the only problem users have run into with the new update.

Night Light is a new feature in Windows 10 that is supposed to automatically adjust your screen at night to show warmer colors so your eyes don’t get strained. However, some users have found that the feature isn’t turned on and is greyed out completely so they can’t activate it. Others who have been able to turn it on have found that it’s not really working as intended.

Some feature Microsoft talked about never made it into release. For example, MyPeople was supposed to be a new, easy way to share and connect with other users, but it never made it into release. Groove Music Maker was also a promised update that would allow you to mix and create your own tracks without third party software, but it was canceled as well.


The Creators Update was supposed to bring with it a huge update for gamers. One of the new modes, known as Game Mode, is supposed to shut down other processes running in the background to give you more power for your games. For some, this is working at least to some extent, but not without issues.

Some users have found that the games run fine and even get a boost when they play until they decide to plug in and use their microphone. Once they do that, it causes the games to lag with a big drop if frames per second and sometimes they completely freeze.

Other users aren’t even having that much luck. Some users have found that games don’t run as well on this update as they did for the Anniversary Update. In other cases, some games are just crashing altogether and refuse to run.

What Should You Do

While there are far too many of these problems for my liking, for many the update still runs fine without any problems. So I don’t recommend that you ignore the update. Right now I believe you should just make sure you are prepared for the worst.

Before you run the update, make sure you back up all your important files to the cloud or to a hard drive. On top of that, Windows 10 makes it easy for you to make a complete copy of your entire system that you can restore from if you do run into problems. It’s also a good idea to take note of some of your settings such as your default applications and even your network settings before you run the update. That way you can set them to the way you like it after the update runs if something does get changed.

One thing is certain, make sure you aren’t going to need your computer for several hours before you run any update to it. I have found that this update takes a bit of time to run, so make sure you don’t need your computer for a bit before you begin the update and please ensure all your files are updated before you run it, just in case you run into problems.


While the Windows Creators Update brings many more features and improvements to the Windows 10 platform, it looks like Microsoft hasn’t worked out all the bugs with the software before the released it to the world. While you can always expect a few problems here and there, the sheer number of complaints and problems tells me they released it a little too early.

So far there has been no word from Microsoft about these problems, but hopefully they will be releasing patches and new ISO images soon to help fix many of these problems that users are experiencing.

Have you updated to the Creators Update on your machine yet? If so, let us know how it went for you. Did everything go smoothly or did you experience any problems with you installation?

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