Over Half of All Windows 10 PCs Run the Fall Creators Update

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Over Half of All Windows 10 PCs Run the Fall Creators Update

It seems the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update is a huge success. The update to Windows 10, which was release about two months ago, can now be found on over half of all Windows 10 PCs in the world. That’s a pretty impressive upgrade number.

The data itself comes from a report from AdDuplex, a large cross-promotion network for Windows app. Because of the source, this is a pretty good and accurate indicator of the adoption rates of the latest updates to Windows.

“After about 2 months after release, Fall Creators Update is already on more than half of the PCs in use. The growth line for the Fall Creators Update seems to be much steeper than it was for its predecessor, but not as steep as for the Anniversary Update. Having said that, the older versions of Windows 10 seem to be lingering around much longer which eats into the market share of the newer releases.”

Currently, the Fall Creators Update, is showing up on 53.6 percent of all Windows 10 PCs. This number is up from November, when it showed just over 20 percent of Windows 10 users had updated their PCs to the latest update.

The graph, as you can see, shows much more than that. It seems that 33.7 percent of users are now running the Creators Update, with 10.5 percent still running the Anniversary Update. Surprisingly, about 1.3 percent are still on Windows 10 v1511 and 0.5 percent are running the initial release of Windows 10 v1507. These numbers are particularly concerning since Microsoft has dropped support for some of these older versions of Windows 10. This could open up a bit of a security concern for Microsoft, but ultimately the updates rest on the PC owners themselves.

On the other end of the spectrum, Windows Insiders, otherwise known as the testers and early adopters, that run the next version that has yet to be released, make up about 0.4 percent of the market. While that may seem small, it seems Microsoft has a decent number of testers for their latest versions.

Another interesting bit about these figures are where the adoption rates are the strongest. The United States and Canada along with Western Europe seem to be the strongest supporters of the latest updates, with adoption rates at the bottom of the barrel for countries in Africa and South America.

One of the reasons for these rates is the forced upgrades Microsoft implemented with Windows 10. While this policy has generated much controversy, it seems to be helping with keeping software up to date and more secure. In the end, you can stop and delay the updates, but eventually you will have to run them.

Have you upgraded your Windows 10 PC to the latest version of Windows, or are you stopping it from running? Personally, I would recommend it as it gives you access to the latest features and security enhancements available for the platform. What version are you running? Check out your version and sound off in the comments below so we can see if you have adopted the Fall Creators Update or not.

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