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New MacBook Pro Coming This Fall

It’s been over four years since the last big release, but a new and more powerful MacBook Pro is coming this fall with some new features.

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New MacBook Pro Coming This Fall

It has been over four years since Apple released a new MacBook Pro, so long in fact that users were starting to wonder if Apple could catch up with some of its competitors. But news broke this week from some insiders about a new and revitalized MacBook Pro coming this fall. We even mentioned a possible new MacBook Pro a few weeks ago when we covered the story about Apple ending their Legacy MacBook Pro range.

So what can we expect from the new MacBook Pro? Well according to Marc Gurman from Bloomberg the new MacBook Pro will be thinner, lighter and will feature AMD graphics. The bigger talking points were the fact that it will most probably feature a Touch ID sensor for better security and an OLED touchscreen strip with adaptive function keys. While we covered the topic a few weeks ago, the guys at Bloomberg have shed a bit more light on the possible uses of the strip. The OLED strip will alter which buttons are being displayed according to the app that is being used. This opens up quite a bit of potential to developers such as Adobe. The potential to create dedicated shortcut keys on the strip to make working in their apps that much easier will give it a major advantage over other competing high-end laptops.

MacBook Pro concept art

Concept art of the MacBook Pro OLED strip by Martin Hajek

We are also hoping that the new MacBook will be running the next generation of Intel processors, the 7th generation has been code named Kaby Lake. While it won’t be shipping to your local retail store any time soon, Intel has already started shipping the processor to OEM’s. We are hoping Apple is one of these manufacturers to get the new CPU.

While NVIDIA tend to rule the laptop market, the new MacBook Pro is tipped to feature the new AMD Polaris graphics card, which is about 20% thinner than its predecessor. Apple’s choice to go with AMD might have to do with the efficiency of the new Polaris GPU. Another rumored feature is the addition of USB 3.1 Type-C which will allow for a host of peripherals to be connected. This will include external GPU docks such as the Razer Core, allowing power users to connect even more powerful graphics cards for video and animation rendering.

While the new MacBook Pro is set to be launched this fall, it is highly unlikely to be released at the rumored September 7th event for the iPhone 7. But tech professionals and insiders have hinted at an October release for the new MacBook Pro. So now might not be the time to purchase a new MacBook and if the rumors are true then the new MacBook Pro will be worth waiting for.

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