Microsoft Releases New Windows 10 Preview with Calendar Search and Cortana Show Me

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Microsoft Releases New Windows 10 Preview with Calendar Search and Cortana Show Me

Microsoft has released a new preview build from the RS5 branch of their development, and it includes two new features – Calendar Search and Cortana Show Me. This preview from the RS5 branch represents a preview of a build that will be released much later this year and shouldn’t be confused with the Spring Creators Update coming in April.

The Calendar Search feature will now allow you to search both future and past events on you calendar. You can search with a variety of criteria, including name, location, people invited, and even words in the body of the event. The search currently supports Outlook, Hotmail, Live, and Office 365, but doesn’t work with Microsoft Exchange, Gmail, Yahoo, or other third-party email.

Microsoft has also updated the Cortana Show Me feature that allows you to navigate through windows and perform tasks with only your voice. So do you want to give Cortana Show Me a try? If so, Microsoft has several suggestions to get you started. Check them out below:

  • Update Windows – Try, “Update my Windows device”
  • Check if an app is installed – Try, “How to see what apps are installed”
  • Uninstall an app – Try “How to uninstall apps”
  • Change your desktop background – Try, “Show me how to change my background”
  • Use Airplane Mode – Try, “How do I turn on airplane mode”
  • Change your display brightness – Try, “Show me how to change my screen brightness”
  • Add nearby printers or scanners – Try, “How to add a printer”
  • Turn off Windows Defender Security Center – Try, “Show me how to turn off Windows Defender Security Center”
  • Change Wi-Fi settings – Try, “Show me how to change Wi-Fi network”
  • Change your power settings – Try, “How to change when my computer goes to sleep”
  • Discover Bluetooth devices – Try, “Show me how to discover devices”
  • Check your version of Windows – Try, “How do I find my current version of Windows”

Of course, these new features aren’t the only improvements made to this preview release. Below you can see the other changes that made it into this preview:

  • Fixed an issue where typing in the Microsoft Edge URL bar immediately after opening a new tab might result in the letters appearing in an unexpected order.
  • Fixed an issue when opening .html or .pdf files from the local system (double-click, right-click > open), Microsoft Edge will not render the loaded content if Microsoft Edge wasn’t already running before opening the file.
  • Fixed an issue where PDFs displayed using Microsoft Edge would shrink after refreshing the page when using a DPI scaling > 100%.
  • Fixed an issue that could result in Microsoft Edge crashing when turning off certain extensions.
  • Fixed an issue resulting in Task Manager not showing the application title in the process name for open Visual Studio projects.
  • Fixed an issue resulting in the UAC dialog potentially not rendering correctly in the last few flights.
  • Fixed an issue resulting in certain devices with BitLocker enabled unexpectedly booting into BitLocker recovery in recent flights.
  • Fixed an issue where the Emoji Panel would close after typing an accent in certain languages.
  • Fixed an issue resulting in focus being lost after using WIN+A to close the Action Center.

Like any Windows Preview build, there are a few issues that have already been confirmed. But you may find others while you use it. Just make sure you don’t run the Preview on a production machine. The known issues are:

  • If you open Settings and clicking on any links to the Microsoft Store or links in tips, Settings will crash. This includes the links to get themes and fonts from the Microsoft Store, as well as the link to Windows Defender.
  • On resuming from sleep, the desktop may be momentarily visible before the Lock screen displays as expected.
  • When Movies & TV user denies access to its videos library (through the “Let Movies & TV access your videos library?” popup window or through Windows privacy settings), Movies & TV crashes when the user navigates to the “Personal” tab.

Final Thoughts

Microsoft continues to release many improvements and bug fixes to Windows 10 as it continues its software as a service approach to Windows 10. How well these features will be received and used remains to be seen, but it’s nice to see Microsoft continue to improve the overall Windows 10 experience.

What do you think? Do you like these new features that will come in a future release of Windows 10 or would you prefer it if Microsoft focused their attention on other aspects of Windows? Tell me your thoughts in the comments below.

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