Microsoft May Not Release the Surface Book 2 Until 2018

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Microsoft May Not Release the Surface Book 2 Until 2018

Have you been waiting for the new Surface Book, dubbed by many as the Surface Book 2, to be released before you decide to upgrade to something different. If you are, you may be waiting for a while, as new reports indicate that Microsoft may not release a new Surface Book until sometime in 2018.

At the beginning of this month, Microsoft announced they would unveil new Surface hardware at the end of October at an event in London. According to ZDNet, Microsoft won’t be discussing a new Surface Book 2 until sometime in 2018. “I’ve been hearing from my contacts lately that Microsoft might not start shipping new Surface Books until early 2018. And the company’s second-generation Surface Hub also is sounding (from sources) like an early 2018 thing.”

It seems the event will highlight a new Surface Pro with LTE, a device that was announced back in May, but the company won’t be talking about any other Surface devices. This means if you were waiting for a Surface Pro 2 or even a Surface phone, you will have to keep waiting. Unfortunately, there is no word on when we will be getting as Surface Book 2, other than sometime next year. Let’s just hope we don’t have to wait too long.

The Surface Book 2 has long been anticipated by fans of Microsoft ever since the first generation convertible laptop was released. Unfortunately, for now it seems we must wait a little longer before we learn more about the upcoming device.

There are many rumors swirling around about what this new device will have, with many believing Microsoft will include Intel’s eighth generation processor, more power, and an even better screen, just to name a few. It’s probably safe to assume that Nvidia’s latest video cards will also make an appearance on some of the models.

It’s important to remember that all of this is just speculation at this point. We truly have no idea when they will be released and what specs they will have. So far, Microsoft has remained tight lipped about its plans for the next version of the Surface Book.

This news is a bit of disappointment for Microsoft fans worldwide, as many hoped the event would include an announcement of a new Surface Book 2. But for now, everyone must wait.

No one denies the huge success that the Surface Book has been for Microsoft. It features amazing design and style and high end specs that make it a perfect laptop/hybrid device for many users. But it wasn’t perfect. In the end, it was a first for Microsoft, and many believe that it’s second release of this line of Surface products would be even better.

Maybe that’s why Microsoft is taking their time with the release of the Surface Book 2. Let’s hope they listen to both the good and the bad about the original Surface Book and work to improve it for the better. That way at least waiting a little longer will be well worth it.

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