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Laptop Giveaway: Samsung Chromebook 3

Stand a chance of winning a brand new Samsung Chromebook 2 with LaptopNinja.

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To gain entries and increase your chance of winning complete the steps listed below the ‘Enter Now’ button:

LaptopNinja Chromebook Giveaway

Update: Congratulations to Kareem Carzan who is our official Chromebook winner! If you are still interested in getting your very own Chromebook head over to our best Chromebooks guide for some great value for money option.

At LaptopNinja we pride ourselves in providing the most reliable and up to date laptop shopping advice on the market but let’s face it – laptops can be a pricey investment and everyone deserves a break from time to time.

We are pleased to announce the opening of our monthly laptop giveaway competition. This will allow all of our newsletters subscribers and website users a chance to win a brand new laptop every month. Please see above for details on how to enter.


When will winners be announced? 

Winners will be automatically selected on the 1st of April 2018 and will be notified via email. Look out for updates in your inbox!

Is the contest open to US residents only?

The content is open to residents from across the world – however, the laptop will only  be shipped to a US based address from This means that international winners will need to ship the laptop to themselves via a mail forwarding service such as Shipito.

Could you give us some more info on the laptop you’re giving away?

The exact model laptop is the Samsung Chromebook 3 XE500C13-K04US, a Samsung Chromebook perfect for working on the go or at home in bed.

How do I subscribe for future competitions?

Everyone on our newsletter will get the inside scoop on all new competitions! Subscribe above to make sure you don’t miss out.


By LaptopNinja Editorial Team

The LaptopNinja editorial team is dedicated to helping you choose the right laptop for your needs and spreading knowledge about everything tech. Founded in 2012, the LaptopNinja team of motley tech specialists spend countless hours every week scouring the best deals across the web to help save you time and money based on more than half a decade of experience researching and recommended the top value for money and high performing laptops on the planet.

440 replies on “Laptop Giveaway: Samsung Chromebook 3”

Never had a Chrome book before, but it will definitely be an upgrade from my old laptop (HP DV9000 still running Vista) which I use mainly for Skyping (don’t have a camera/microphone on my main PC) and a few other basic functions.
This will be so much faster to use and it will be far more versatile and useful,.especially as the HP’s battery is dead, so it needs to be plugged in, now I can go portable – WooHoo.
Great contest and thanks for the opportunity.
Good luck to one and all. 🙂

love the giveaway i really like learning of
the new things out there, and the advice you offer , thank you so much for doing this

Until I read your review I had never heard of the Samsung Chrome 3. Thank you for that. Almost all of the electronics in my home are Samsung. I would love to win this and add it to my family of favourite products. Thank you for the opportunity!

I am so excited about this giveaway because my laptop is on its’ last leg and I’m ready for a new one. Thank you for doing such a generous giveaway. Good luck to all.

I really appreciate this giveaway, as my husband could use a laptop. I appreciate the Top Chromebooks guide comparison.

The year was 2012…I was visiting my then girlfriend at the time and while…slightly inebriated…I stepped and crushed her MacBook. She really must have loved me because we ended up married anyway. But to this day…I still have not replaced her laptop. This is why I’d want to win one, so I can atone for past sins.

Aaaawsome giveaway!!! LaptopNinja has the best quality products and provides excellent customer service. This giveaway is the BEST ever.!!!!

A fantastic giveaway, I’m thrilled to be able to participate. Thanks so much for the chance to win this wonderful laptop.

My friend who is a med student had her stolen and she needs one badly. I am going to pay it forward and give it to her

I have always used a desk top computer. I would love to have a laptop and what I’ve read I like, Also Samsung is a great company with great products.

I think it’s an amazing giveaway and thanks so much for it. I would love to win this for my son or husband because it’s very nice and portable so you can easily move it around with you.

Wow awesome laptop and giveaway. Would love to win one to give to my spouse. He has a very slow laptop. So if i won, i would give laptop to him. He deserves a faster laptop.

Wow what an awesome laptop and giveaway. If i won,i would give it to my spouse. He has a very slow laptop and he deserves a faster laptop.

Was reading about cheap laptops for productivity when this popped up! Hoping to win to be more “productive” hahaha

i love this giveaway and i think its very thoughtful of you to wanna do it…. its helping growing young minds like mine….. thanks

On this page you claim it’s “a premium Samsung Chromebook.” However, your own review on a separate page describes it as a budget Chromebook that is “decent for performance for basic tasks.” In other words, you’re trying to dress up a Ford Focus as a BMW 4 Series Convertible. Cut the nonsense.

Love the Chromebook! I would like to thank you so much for your involvement in this fine giveaway. Thanks for giving a chance for us to win.

SA-Weeeeeet giveawayof a chromebook! Awesome and I would love to win it! Thank you for the opportunity to participate. 🙂

Hi! I really love any opportunity to win any kind of computer! My current tablet is down to 5 min. on a charge! A laptop would be perfect to help out, and living in a home my monthly $85. is no help and is mostly spoken for anyway! I’m sure many of us really need these things. Thank you!

I thinkit is a great giveaway. I love when people/businesses give back. It speaks volumes to your character and social outreach. Thanks for the chance to win and Good Luck Everyone.

Haven’t seen it yet, but I will head over to Best Buy and see if they have it on display. I have an older Chromebook, but it is pretty slow. I use it mostly just to check my email.

i’m just about to head to college, would be a great help if i got a new, fast laptop like this chromebook!

This is an amazing giveaway! My mother owns one and she loves it, and I’d love to own one myself to go back to school!

I think it’s fabulous I’m a long time Samsung Samsung products. Always get what you pay for.

I love the contest, but moreso, discovering your site! I bought an ACER last year that was a total disaster; even after shipping it off and having it ‘fixed’ and then taking it to our local guy, it never worked right. I think I could have saved myself a lot of grief by going to you guys! I use my laptop non-stop (even when I travel) and the cheaper one I bought after the ACER-disaster is showing signs of failing, but now I know where to do my research before I replace it. Thanks so much 🙂

I seem to always enter these online giveaways but then I never here who the winner is or there is never any follow through. I really hope this is legit. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

It’s awesome that you are giving this away. Many people can not afford to buy them. My children do not stay with me and are always telling me how hard it is to fill out applications on their cell phones. If I could, I would buy one for both of them. Whomever wins this will be truly blessed. Thank you for this opportunity.

I think this is an awesome
Giveaway!! Chromebook is absolutely awesome and would be perfect for my family computer

I really love this giveaway and also the information your site gives. Excited for the opportunity of having a laptop

I need a new laptop real bad one hinge is broken on mine, about 4 letters dont even work along with a couple other issues. Thanks for the opportunity to up grade. Good luck everyone.

This is a awesome chromebook. I love Samsung products. Great 66th Birthday present for me on March 12th. Fingers and crossed.

This is an amazing prize my laptop always has to be plugged in and the cord is broken so if it gets tapped at all it shuts off so this would be an amazing blessing for seeing I work from home. Thank u for the chance

This is a very decent giveaway; I like how it is presented and how it gives people many chances to win.

I have always wanted to own a Laptop. My budget doesn’t allow for such extras so it would be a Miracle, a Dream Come True if I ever did WIN!!
THANK U 4 the chance to win!

It will be a great first laptop to give to my younger sister, who is just starting to hog the computer from my father for school work and fun games. It would be some major relief for the family to have her using her own tools to do her school work.

Very cool. Just what I need for school. This would make the work so much easier. What a great gift to myself for graduation.

Have a younger brother recovering from a stroke who could really use this to get back on track. I am retired and living on a fixed income, so can’t get him a laptop.

I know I won’t win but what the hec it’s the only way that I will ever get a chance to own a computer because my tight budget will not allow me to. Thanks

This is a fabulous and very generous Giveaway. My computer is on its’ last leg. I haven’t been working so I’m worried about finding a way to replace my computer. Having the chance to possibly win a fabulous computer is very exciting. Good Luck To All.

Awesome laptop..I love Samsung products and I have always used them. I Don’t ever want to change my Samsung items…thank you for the awesome giveaway

This would help solve a lot of my problems, since all my family lost their laptops in a robbery this January. Thank you for the opportunity, keep it up!

Very nice giveaway with valuable and useful prize.
Chromebook is perfect choice if you need light device for simple tasks.

It’s a great deal to have a chance to win such giveaway.
Thank You @LapotopNinja for such opportunity. ✊

Ok, so I have tried many times to get credit for posting a comment on this giveaway but this site keeps telling me my login has expired and won’t give me credit for my comment posts! I feel cheated!

Can’t wait! I have a daughter in college, and one starting college classes next year! Since we can’t afford to buy one, I surely hope I can win this to give to them! They need it so badly.

Un des plus beaux cadeaux de ma vie, si j’avais cette chance de remporter ce vrai bijoux de technologie qu’est le Samsung Chromebook 3 !
One of the greatest gifts in my life, if I had the chance to win this true jewels of technology is the Samsung Chromebook 3!

Perfect for my son. I have been saving up to get one for him. Thanks for the chance to enter.

This Samsung Chromebook laptop giveaway would make a great gift for my granddaughter. She would love it.

Great giveaway! I think Samsung has excellent products-I’ve had no problem with my phone or monitor. Would love to try a Chromebook!!!

I would love to win this as I’m trying to start a business for myself and I would like to have a separate computer for my work and non-work related.

need a laptop,my desk top is old and it gets hard for me to keeo moving mouse as my hands arent what they used to be

Love the giveaway, but I think even more, your site! I am retired; am not cheap by any means, but I do have to think how long I will live to use the things I buy, and frankly, spending a fortune on another laptop instead of another trip doesn’t compute for me. But your link on buying a cheap laptop means I can do both. Thank you so much!

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