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Laptop Bag Roundup – Protect Your Laptop In Style

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The first purchase any new laptop owner should make is protection.  Whether you only need a simple sleeve to protect your laptop or if you prefer a rough and rugged case that will hold up in even the toughest of travel circumstances, keeping your laptop safe is in the best laptop bag possible is the first step to make sure your new machine lasts.

In an effort to help you find the perfect laptop bag for you, we’ve have collected some of our absolute favorite laptops into one big list just for you.  These laptop bags range from the very simple and traditional laptop case that scream practicality to some bags that are more artsy and trendy.  In this list, you will find both budget friendly choices as well as others that, while more pricey, offer some of the best style so you can be sure you look great while you carry your laptop with you wherever you may go.

All of the bags on this list will make a great addition for laptop owners looking to protect their laptops when they take them on the road.  Keep in mind, this list is in no particular order, as we feel all of these laptop bags are great choices offering style, comfort and, above all, protection for your laptop. When travelling via plane be sure to research your bag is allowed on as carry-on luggage to avoid potential mishaps.   So, without further ado, allow me to present our favorite laptop bags built for laptops of all shapes and sizes that boast some of the best features and looks that you will find anywhere.


Targus Geo Slim 15.6-Inch Laptop Case


Not every laptop case needs to be black.  The Targus Geo Slim is designed to protect laptops up to 15 inches with a padded compartment that will shield your laptop from any falls or bumps.  The Geo Slim is designed for those who prefer a more minimalist design for their carrying cases featuring only a few pockets wrapped in a unique design that will surely set your laptop bag apart from the rest.


Targus Trax Laptop Sleeve


Sometimes all you need is a basic sleeve for your laptop.  The Targus Trax Laptop Sleeve fits most laptops up to 15 inches and is made of a sturdy and durable neoprene material that fits snuggly around your laptop.  It also features one exterior pocket for extra storage as well.  While you have limited storage, it is the perfect case for users that prefer to slide their laptop inside another back while they travel.


Targus Drifter II Backpack


Personally, I love backpacks and the laptop backpack I always go for is my Targus Drifter II.  It is designed to fit laptops up to 17 inches but, because of its size, I wouldn’t recommend it for really small laptops.  It features a huge selection of storage compartments both inside and out that will allow you to take almost anything with you wherever you go.  It is made of a durable nylon material that will stand the test of time and the wear and tear of regular travel as well.  Overall, if you prefer to carry your laptop on your back, you can’t go wrong with the Targus Drifter II Backpack.


Samsonite 15.6-Inch Classic Wheel Business Case


The Samsonite is the last case business travelers will ever need.  This particular case comes in models designed for 15 inch and 17 inch laptops with both featuring a padded compartment for your laptop.  ON top of that, it features many other pockets inside to carry your work with you wherever you go and you can even easily carry your tablet or smartphone in it as well.  Designed for travelers who must make the long walks through airports, the Samsonite features a handle and wheels so you can pull it along as you make the long walk through airport terminals to catch your next flight.


ASUS Republic of Gamers Nomad Backpack


The perfect bag for gamers, the ASUS Nomad allows gamers to pack away their massive 17.3-inch gaming laptops and all the accessories they need for gaming on the go.  This bag is specially designed for the ASUS ROG G750 series laptops, but will also work with a variety of other gaming laptops as well.  This backpack features plenty of storage space, allowing you to easily back a keyboard, mouse, power supply and whatever else you need when you head out the door.  With a look designed to match the ASUS ROG G750 laptops, you can really coordinate if you are an ASUS fan.  If not, you will still get a back that looks great that can handle.


The Best Nuo Eco-Friendly Messenger Bag


Who doesn’t want to be green these days?  And while electronics aren’t really the most environmentally friendly items on the planet, everyone needs them.  But that doesn’t mean that the bag you carry your laptop around in can’t be eco-friendly.  The Best Nuo Messenger Bag is made using cotton canvas and will fit laptops up to 17 inches snuggly.  It also features several other elastic pockets on the inside for storing other accessories as well.  While it could use a little more padding, it is perfect for light travel and for people who are environmentally conscious.


Moshi Urbana Briefcase


The Moshi Urbana blends a stylish design with both comfort and protection to create a bag that is truly unique.  The Urbana is made to fit laptops up to 15 inches and also has a padded compartment perfect for a tablet or smartphone.  With its variety of pockets found both inside and outside, this bag gives you plenty of room to store whatever you need when you hit the road.  The exterior of the case has a water-resistant out coating as well so you can be sure all your valuable electronics stay dry.  The Urbana is available in three colors to suit the needs and tastes of a variety of users.


Timbuk2 Command Laptop


Why settle for a premade bag when you can customize one perfect for your tastes and needs?  The Timbuk2 bag allows you to do just that letting you select the size of the laptop insert, the colors of every panel insert.  The lining of the waterproof bag will protect your valuable electronics and keep they dry and all the bags feature a standard set of features including a TrueFit cam buckle, Napoleon side pocket, front organizer pocket and a foam padded sleeve.  The bag also comes in a variety of colors perfect for anyone’s tastes.


Lowerpro Pro Tactic 350


Another great backpack design, the Lowerpro Pro Tactic 350 features a unique design with four different access points inside the bag.  With extra support around the shoulders, the Lowerpro offers one of the most comfortable backpack designs around and it is designed to protect your laptop and anything else you decide to slide inside it perfectly with its built-in all weather AW cover.  While it doesn’t feature quite as many pockets as the Targus, it is a great laptop bag for those travelers that worry about the weather and want the extra padding for rough travel.


S Zone Vintage Canvas Leather Messenger Bag


Canvas is king these days it seems and the S Zone Vintage Canvas Leather Messenger Bag gives you a truly unique and vintage look for your laptop.  You can’t beat leather and canvas when it comes to durability and look, and the S Zone truly doesn’t disappoint.  Lined in satin silk it provides a safe place to store your laptop.  Large laptops won’t fit into this smaller bag, however, but if you use a 14-inch laptop or smaller, this is the perfect bag to carry your laptop around with you in style.


17.3-Inch Eco Friendly Canvas Messenger Bag


If you like the Messenger Bag design and love the canvas material of some of the other bags on this list, this Eco Friendly bag could be the choice for you.  With several colors to choose from, you can find a bag that meets your needs as well as your look.  The inside computer compartment is well padded for protection and it provides enough room to carry around at least a few peripherals with you while you travel.


Case Logic DLC-115 Laptop Briefcase


The perfect case for basic business travelers, the Case Logic DLC-115 Laptop Briefcase is a great laptop briefcase for the budget business traveler.  It is designed to fit up to a 15-inch laptop and its pocket is elevated and nylex lined and padded for extra protection.  The case itself is surrounded by neoprene including the handles for ultimate protection and comfort for the next time your company sends you out of town on business.


AmazonBasics 17.3-Inch Laptop Bag


Sometimes you don’t want anything fancy and just need a standard laptop bag that will do its job.  The AmazonBasics laptop bag will do just that.  While a pretty basic design, it is built to handle a variety of laptop sizes and you can choose the size you want and need.  It has plenty of room to store your power supply, laptop and even a mouse and few other accessories.  For the budget buyer who just needs something to work, the AmazonBasics bag simply can’t be beat.


Alpine Swiss Cortland Laptop Bag


Another great business laptop briefcase, the Alpine Swiss Cortland is a little more expensive than others but comes with a little extra protection as well as the ability to comfortably fit laptops of almost any shape and size.  It includes plenty of pockets both inside and out to store everything you will need to work on the road and features a padded compartment to protect your laptop while you travel for work.


Military Inspired Crossbody Messenger Bag


If you happen to enjoy the rugged and durable look of military inspired equipment, then the Crossbody Messenger Bag is hands down the best choice for you.  Created from heavy duty durable canvas and designed to hold laptop up to 15 inches in size, you never have to worry about your case wearing out on you ever again.  It features several different pockets to store a wide variety of items include a mouse and more and its main compartment is padded and will do a great job at protecting your laptop from damage when you need to take with you.


When you buy a new laptop, the first thing you need to do is be sure you have something that will protect it when you carry it with you on the road.  A laptop bag could end up being the single most important purchase you make for your laptop as it will be the one thing that stands between it and the world when you travel, especially if you plan on purchasing a high-end laptop that could cost thousands of dollars or more.  Choosing the right laptop bag is largely a personal choice based on style and desired features, but one thing that every good laptop bag should have is protection.

All of the laptop bags on this list provide some of the best protection you can find and they look great at the same time.  Whether you are looking for a backpack or a messenger back or a simple laptop sleeve, there is something on this list that is perfect for you.  So, if you are about to buy a new laptop, take the time to select a good laptop bag for it as well.  That way you can be sure your laptop is safe when you hit the road or fly the friendly skies.

By Matt Garrett

Matt is an IT professional with over fifteen years experience supporting network infrastructure and computers. An avid gamer, Matt enjoys his time playing and writing about his experiences both in the IT world and in the gaming communities. You can find more of his writing on our sister ShopNinja sites where he enjoys talking about anything and everything tech.

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