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Is the Legacy MacBook Pro dead?

The Legacy MacBook Pro has had a rich lifespan, but Apple Stores are clearing their shelves of this model. Is the Legacy MacBook Pro dead?

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For hundreds of thousands of creative professionals around the world, the 13-inch Legacy MacBook Pro is a stable work horse that just keeps on going. Loved for its performance and its sleek aluminum design, the Legacy MacBook Pro has been a best seller since it was rereleased in 2012. The non-Retina display allowed for Apple to offer a slightly cheaper MacBook Pro to the masses, but now it looks like the Legacy MacBook Pro might be dead.

Reports from Apple Insider and The Next Web show that Apple stores in the US have been clearing their floors of the Legacy edition and this can only mean that Apple will be releasing a new version later this year. There have been rumours that Apple will be bringing out a power house MacBook Air to take over, but this will mean that the Legacy edition might be the last MacBook Pro with an internal optical drive, but it is more than likely that Apple will be replacing it with a newer version to compete with more modern high-end laptops. But a newer version might mean a bigger price tag and this will take away from the attractiveness of the current offering. While there are fears that Apple will botch the new MacBook Pro like they did with the new MacBook that relies on a single USB Type-C port for charging and connectivity to external devices. It will be unlikely that Apple will go with this approach for their range of work based laptops as this would kill the Pro range of laptops, as only handful of users would look at it as a viable option. One thing is for sure, the new device will be running macOS Sierra and will be designed around the OS for the full Sierra experience. Hopefully these new features will include the OLED Touch Bar and Touch ID.


But there is always a silver lining as the current MacBook Pros will be dropping in price and this will mean quite a few great deals for Apple fans out there. Users can also look at refurbished Retina versions as they will be coming down in price as soon as Apple announces the new Pro range. So maybe right now is not the time to be upgrading to a new MacBook Pro, our advice is to wait.

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