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How to Ship Products from the US Internationally With ShipItTo

Learn how to easily ship products internationally from the USA using a third party forwarding service.

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The US market is the most advanced in the world offering a huge selection of laptops in all shapes and sizes. Unfortunately, in other countries the selection of laptops can be more limited. Luckily people from the rest of the world or US citizens living abroad still have the opportunity of purchasing US based laptops using  ShipItTo. As a customer you receive a US address for shipping from US stores. Your goods are shipped there and repacked for you to be shipped to wherever you are in the world using whatever courier options are available for your country. Follow the guide below to get started.

Step 1: Sign Up on ShipItTo

Option 1: Create your free account at the following link:

Option 2: Create a paid account for $10 at the following link:

Note: To avoid high sales tax at online stores, we recommend using the Oregon Shipping Warehouse. This is only available if you sign up with Option 2. The $10 is a lot less than sales tax in most cases so Option 2 is generally recommended.

Step 2: Buy Goods and Use Your ShipItTo Address as Shipping Address

Navigate to your favorite E-Commerce store and buy the goods that you want. In the shipping address field put your ShipItTo address which can be found when logged in here using the screenshot below for guidance:




Note: If you selected Option 2 in Step 1 above, you will need to set the Oregan address as your Default ShipItTo Address on the following page to avoid extra taxes:

Step 3: Receive Goods at ShipitTo Address

You will get an email notifcation from ShipItTo once your goods have arrived at the warehouse.




Step 4: Select Packaging and Shipping Options

Login to your ShipItTo account and you will see your new package awaiting action. ShipItTo offers a number of different shipping options  to choose from. They also offer quite a few consolidation and packaging options to choose from in case you have multiple packages you would like to combine into one.  Depending on your location various shipping option will be available. Choose the cheapest or most reliable shipping service for your needs.

Step 5: Deposit Money Required for Your Shipping and Packaging

Use the available payment methods to deposit the amount required for shipping.




Step 6:  Schedule Ship Out

Once you are happy, you can schedule your item(s) for shipping. Couriers like FedEx and DHL usually take from 2-5 working days to get you your package depending on where you are in the world.

Step 7: Pay Customs Duties

On arrival of your package, your chosen shipping service will contact you to inform you your parcel has arrived and what the import tax is on your items. You can read more information on what import duties there are in your region here though fees generally range from 0-20%.

Step 8: Receive Parcel

Once your custom duties have been paid, you can relax and wait for your parcel to arrive at your doorstep.

While the whole process might seem daunting, you will more than likely find in many places that the cost of shipping still works out cheaper than buying these products locally, not to mention the larger selection of products on sale at large US retailers such as Amazon.  More information can be found on the ShipItTo FAQ page.

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