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How to Make the Most of Windows 10S

Find out how to make the most of Windows 10S, Microsoft’s latest version of Windows 10 designed to be more secure.

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How to Make the Most of Windows 10S

Windows 10S is here and it offers a new take on Windows 10, limiting your software to what is available on the Windows Store. It’s much more like a mobile platform, when you think about it. If you are worried that you won’t be able to use it the way you need to, the following tips should help you make the most of it and you may even realize you don’t need a full version of Windows 10 after all.

Web Browsing

You will only have access to Microsoft Edge for a web browser if you are running 10S. While it’s a good browser, many still prefer other options. Still, you can access everything you need if you manually export your favorites from Chrome on your other machine and then import them into Edge. You can even use Flash if you need it, although you will have to turn it on as Edge disables it by default.


If you use Microsoft’s Groove Music service, you won’t have any trouble using Windows 10S, but chances are you also use other services such as Spotify. You can now download the desktop Spotify app right from the Windows Store, so you won’t have to give up your favorite streaming service just because you switch to 10S.


If you enjoy watching movies on your machine, you can always use the Netflix or Hulu apps that are available. On top of that, if you have your own library of movies, you can download and install VLC right from the Windows Store. VLC will let you manage your library and it will play almost any format you can think of so you really won’t need anything else.

Photo Editing/Management

The photos app that comes with Windows 10S does a pretty good job of managing your photos, but editing is another story. Unfortunately, if you want to do any advanced editing or image creation, you won’t be able to use Photoshop as it can’t be installed on Windows 10S. Instead, you can use Photoshop Express, and that may work in a pinch.


The email app that comes with Windows 10S is pretty good, and works well even with Gmail. Still, if you need more out of your email, you will probably want an Office 365 subscription to gain access to Outlook. If you don’t want to purchase Office, then you will have to stick with the included Mail app or download one of the others available in the Windows Store. You can, of course, just stick with webmail and turn on notifications to receive them just as you would an email.

Office Apps

If you have an Office 365 subscription, you will have no problem using Microsoft Office. However, if you don’t, your options will be a bit limited. Sure, there are the free versions that are online, and they will work in a pinch, but you will have trouble if you need more advanced features. Personally, I recommend grabbing a 365 subscription, you will get great cloud storage along with a full version of Office.


Gamers won’t enjoy Windows 10S, because you can’t install any game you want and you can’t even use your Steam library. Still, there are a ton of games available in the Windows Store, so if you are a casual gamer, you may be fine with 10S.

Final Thoughts

These tips should help you get the most out of your install of Windows 10S. However, if this isn’t enough, you can always upgrade to a full version of Windows. Sure, it will cost money, but it’s easy to do and can be done in just a few minutes of your time, as long as you have a decent Internet connection. If Windows 10S sounds right for you, check out our best laptop guides to find the laptop powered by 10S that works best for you.

What are your thoughts on Windows 10S? Do you like the concept of it or do you find it a bit to limiting for your tastes? Sound off about it in the comments below.

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