Happy Anniversary Apple!

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Here’s to Another 40 Years!


Love ‘em or hate ‘em, you can’t deny the impact that Apple has had on technology as we know it today.  And now, in addition to being April Fool’s Day, it is also Apple’s 40th Anniversary.  So, instead of taking the time to play an elaborate prank on you all like so many other websites, I thought it would be fun to pause for a moment and recognize Apple for all they have done for computers and technology over the years.

Originally founded on April 1, 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne, Apple today has become one of the most valuable companies in the world with a product range unmatched in design and function.  While the original founders set out to make personal computers that anyone could purchase and use, the net effect of this founding changed the face of technology for generations.

Today, the Apple product line includes more than just computers, but laptops, tablets, smartphones, iPods and even watches.  They boast a level of brand loyalty and enthusiasm that is unmatched and generate as much controversy as they do love for their products.  Whether you love or hate them, you have to recognize that overall they have been a great positive force in the world of technology.

To help celebrate this milestone for Apple, I thought we should post a video of Steve Wozniak talking about some of those early days of the company.  It’s a great trip down memory lane and it may even dispel some of the mythos surrounding the very early days at Apple.  Just click the video below to watch and celebrate 40 years changing the way we use technology.

If you checked out the video above, you will see that Apple got an interesting start.  Over the years it has had many ups and downs including tough times where stocks were low and, of course, the untimely passing of Steve Jobs.  However, the company has weathered all the storms to become one of the top companies in the world.

What remains to be seen is what the future holds.  I have no doubt that the company will continue to release compelling new products that consumers will instantly fall in love with over and over again.  The question is what will these new products be?  One thing is for sure, the future is bright for the company and it is safe to say that they will continue to innovate and bring us great products such as new laptops and handheld devices.

Check out a couple of these pictures to see some of the early history of the company:



No matter how you spin it, Apple has left a mark on the world unlike so many others.  It has changed the way we use and interact with technology and created products that are adored by millions around the world.  From the first Apple computer to the iMac and even iPhones and iPads, the company has given us many great products to enjoy and will undoubtedly continue to so into the future.  So thank you Apple for all you have done for the world of technology and computers, and here is to another 40 years bringing us great products that we love.

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