Laptop Buying Guides

Finding the Best Laptops for Programming

Welcome to our guide to the best laptops for programmers. These laptops have everything both new and experienced developers need to design the perfect apps, create the best websites, or even design the next mega hit video game. We have searched high and low for the very best laptops that will meet the needs of… Read more »

Finding the Best Cheap Laptops

Welcome to our weekly updated series on the best cheap laptops based on consumer feedback, hardware power, design and raw value for money. Laptops are becoming faster and faster year in and year out -luckily fierce competition from manufacturers and retailers drives prices own and allow us as consumers to take advantage of major discounts… Read more »

The Best Gaming Laptops from 2018 / 2019

Welcome to LaptopNinja and our pro guide to the best top rated gaming laptops based on user reviews, expert tech coverage and in depth product research. Through an extensive database of products hand picked by our team of editorial gurus and curated through their hardware power, user and critic reviews and value for money, we are here… Read more »

Finding the Best Gaming Laptops Under $1500

Welcome to our regularly updated guide to the best gaming laptops under $1500 based on countless hours of research,  current critic and user reviews and raw hardware performance. In the past, a good gaming laptop would set you back at least $2000. Times have changed and more and more manufacturers are offering great laptops at… Read more »

Finding the Best 2-In-1 Laptops & Laptop Convertibles

Welcome to our current buying guide to the best Convertible Laptop and Tablet 2-In-1’s out there, based on expert reviews, customer feedback and intensive product research. A convertible or a laptop 2-in-1 is so called because of its versatile form, which allows the user to convert it to either a tablet or a laptop. This… Read more »

Finding the Best ASUS Gaming Laptops

Welcome to our guide to the best ASUS gaming laptops based on raw hardware performance, critic and user reviews, design and general pure gaming pedigree. ASUS have been releasing some of the best gaming laptops on the market for a number of years now. Their ROG (Republic Of Gamers) brand of gaming hardware, computers and… Read more »

Finding the Best Samsung Laptops

Welcome to our current guide to the best Samsung laptops based on performance, critic reviews and customer feedback. When listing the top five manufacturers of premium laptops today, it is hard not to place Samsung in the top. For quite a while now, Samsung has been consistent with its beautiful and well built ultrabooks. As… Read more »

Finding the Best Business Laptops

Welcome to our current buying guide to the best business laptops in the market today. Here, we have done well to break it down into categories that will suite every wallet size; based on design, performance, critic reviews and consumer feedback. If you are in the hunt for an office companion, we are certain that in this… Read more »