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Gaming Laptops Could Be Getting Cheaper

Gaming laptops could soon be getting cheaper as Chinese companies such as Huawei look to gaming markets for their next big windfall.

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Gaming Laptops Could Be Getting Cheaper

If there is one thing that every gamer knows, they must pay for their laptop. These devices often run high end hardware that is significantly more expensive than regular hardware. This has just been something gamers have had to live with, and it has just gone with the territory. However, things could be changing. Gaming laptops in the future could actually start to get cheaper as Chinese manufacturers look to the gaming market for their next big windfall.

These makers, such as Huawei Technologies, have already seen some success in the smartphone, tablet and 2-in-1 markets, and are now eyeing the gaming markets for their next expansions. These makers often make high quality and beautifully designed hardware but offer it at a much cheaper price compared to many of the first tier leaders such as ASUS or MSI.

According to Taiwan’s Digitimes, these makers will soon be releasing gaming hardware that will rival some of the top players and could cause a shakeup in prices.

“With Intel reference designs and support including product planning, software/hardware certification and marketing, China-based lower-tier vendors including Huawei Technologies, TCL, Onda, Haier, Hasee, Cube, Teclast as well as India-based Micromax have been aggressively launching 2-in-1 devices, while some vendors such as Haier, Hasee and China-based Colorful Technology and Development and RaBook have tried to enter China’s gaming notebook market, according to sources from the upstream supply chain.”

While these devices will more than likely appear in China first, don’t expect them to remain there for too long as they will make there way into our budget gaming laptop guides in upcoming months and years. No doubt they are eyeing markets in the west as well just as they have done with their tablets and smartphones.

“First-tier players including Lenovo, Micro-Star International (MSI), Asustek Computer, Acer, Dell and Hewlett-Packard (HP) have already been competing fiercely in the related markets and lower-tier players’ inexpensive products are expected to further heat up the competition.”

The demand for this hardware is rising, but if there is one thing that gamers especially here demand is high quality. If the companies hope to make headway in these markets they will have to release high quality hardware that can stand up to some of the best designs offered by the current leaders such as Dell, ASUS and MSI.

How well they will fair remains to be seen. Some consumers are reluctant to purchase these products in the states while others embrace them. If they hope to woo gamers away from their staple MSI or ASUS machines, they will have to produce a machine that is not only every bit as capable, but one that is well made as well. Of course, if they do as good a job as they have done with their smartphones and tablets, then the leaders in the market could be in for some stiff competition.

What do you think about this latest gaming news? Do you think they have a shot at the gaming markets here or would you prefer to stick with a gaming machine from one of the current market leaders? Let me know your thoughts about it in the comments below.

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