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Feature Upgrades Coming to the New MacBook Pro

Check out these rumored features coming to the next Apple MacBook Pro expected to be announced in June.

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Feature Upgrades Coming to the New MacBook Pro

June will be here before you know it, and with it comes another WWDC from Apple. At this year’s WWDC, we are expecting the company to announce its new refresh of the MacBook Pro line of laptops. Last year, the company announced and released new models in both May and March, so the time is right for a new refresh of Apple’s popular laptop line.

But what exactly is going to be in these new MacBook Pro’s that aren’t in them already. While we don’t know for sure, many experts believe that there will be a few things on the machines that we can count on that will allow them to still successfully compete with other high-end Windows based laptops.

Expected Features

Here are a few features that many believe are almost certain to come to Apple’s next release of the MacBook Pro.

Skylake Chipset

Apple will refresh the processors and chipsets on these new laptops to include the latest sixth generation technology from Intel. These Skylake chips run fast and cool and are very power efficient. So we may see a bump in battery life on the latest models as well.

Graphics Update

Many of the MacBook Pro computers include graphics cards and don’t rely on the Intel onboard graphics. Many of them even switch between the two. With all the new GPU’s on the market from both NVIDIA and AMD, you can expect that at least some of these will make it to the new line of MacBook Pro laptops.

USB-C Ports

USB-C is still a relatively new standard but has seen widespread adoption simply because of the amount of data and power you can push through the port. Many speculate that the new line will include multiple USB-C ports for added functionality. There is no word if the USB 3 standard will still be included as well, so you may have to invest in a few adapters.

Thunderbolt 3

It is widely believed that Apple will include the new Thunderbolt 3 standard that can push a whopping 40 GB of data per second. This would allow for even larger, more powerful monitors to drive your graphics like never before on a portable computer.

Goodbye MacBook Air?

Another rumor that has stuck to the future of the Pro update is that Apple will be giving up on the MacBook Air. The last device to be released in this line hit store shelves in 2015 and none of them currently use the Retina Display. While this has yet to be confirmed it could be time to bid farewell to this ultra thin laptop.

Final Thoughts

Retailers have already begun to discount the 2015 MacBook Pro line of machines in anticipation of the next release from Apple. No doubt they want to try and clear out their stock a bit so they can make room for the new models.

The time has come for a new MacBook, and while Apple as always has remained quiet about what we will be seeing on the next generation laptop, many experts believe the above will definitely happen. Ultimately, we will have to wait until the WWDC to find out for sure.

Will you be picking up one of these MacBooks when they are released or will you be sticking with your existing laptop? Let me know in the comments below.

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I’ll consider a new MacBook this summer, depends on what upgrades it has, otherwise, I’ll get a Lenovo…

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