With the release of Windows 10, Microsoft finally added something to Windows that has been sorely missed by many of its users – virtual desktops.  While virtual desktops have been available for quite some time on both Linux and Mac, Microsoft waited until now to add the functionality.  In the past you could get it… Read more »

Unless you have been a long time user of Microsoft’s line of Windows phones, and let’s face it, how many people do you know that actually had a Windows phone, you may be surprised to learn about one of the newest features to come to Windows 10 – Cortana.  Cortana is just one of many… Read more »

ISO files have risen in recent years to become one of most common ways software developers distribute their applications.  In earlier versions of Windows, you had to install third party tools in order to use ISO image files.  But today, it is a different story.  Microsoft first began supporting ISO files natively beginning with Windows… Read more »