While many ultrabooks feature powerful processors and health amounts of RAM, they generally all rely on integrated graphics which hardly makes them gaming material. Some users have built their own docking stations in the past that would allow for a desktop GPU to be used, but they were all custom built and generally relied on… Read more »

When it comes to gaming, sometimes you need a little more than just the traditional keyboard and mouse.  While personally I do feel the keyboard and mouse are far superior when it comes to controls for some games, others need just a little more in order for you to properly control what you are doing. … Read more »

Do you enjoy the competitiveness and fast paced action of team multiplayer but wish some of them also included elements from the RPG genre so you could build and truly care about the character you play?  If so, the MOBA could be the game for you.  These games offer fast paced gameplay with elements of… Read more »

First person shooters have been a staple of gaming ever since Wolfenstein 3D and Doom were released.  Since then, the gameplay has evolved to become even more lifelike with amazing improvements in graphics and controls.  Some of these FPS games have been better than others and we can all admit that some of them were… Read more »

In the early days of MMORPG’s, the pay to play model was quite commonplace.  In fact it was the accepted standard model of the industry.  Before you could play the game, you first had to run to your favorite shop and pay $50 or so for the game and then you had to sign up… Read more »