How many of you out there have an old laptop sitting around just taking up space and getting in the way? That was a lot of hands. Okay I know I can’t see you and you can’t see me. But I think we can all admit to having at least one old laptop in our… Read more »

Playing games on a laptop doesn’t have to be an exercise in frustration.  In fact, with just a little effort on your part, you can actually create a gaming experience that is second to none and one that any gamer would be proud of.  PC gaming is nothing like console gaming, however.  Unlike consoles, PC’s… Read more »

One of the best parts about today’s laptop and computer environment is the amount of freedom you have to choose the type of computer and operating system that you want to use.  However, with this freedom comes the burden of figuring out which platform will work best for you, and that’s not always easy. In… Read more »

Third Party Accessories Apple’s MacBook line of laptops are truly some of the most advanced laptops on the market, offering some of the top of line specs wrapped in a sleek package that will make you the envy of any laptop owner.  Of course, you always need more than just the laptop if you are… Read more »

ISO files have risen in recent years to become one of most common ways software developers distribute their applications.  In earlier versions of Windows, you had to install third party tools in order to use ISO image files.  But today, it is a different story.  Microsoft first began supporting ISO files natively beginning with Windows… Read more »

Part 1:  Apple Accessories So you have decided it was time to dive in an adopt the Apple ecosystem as a way of doing things.  Good for you.  Many Mac converts make the switch and never go back.  While it is true that many Mac products do cost a little more compared to other high-end… Read more »

Using Virtualization to Run More Than One Operating System (VirtualBox Tutorial) Today, we bring you the final segment of our three-part series on running multiple operating systems on your laptop.  Previously we have discussed the benefits of running multiple operating systems while highlighting the different methods you can use to accomplish this task.  Last week,… Read more »

Simulation games are a genre that really got their start on the PC.  Beginning with the earliest versions of Sim City and early attempts at flight simulators, today the genre has risen to become some of the most complex and entertaining gaming titles available.  While some of these games make it to other console platforms,… Read more »

One of the most common enemies to all computer users is heat.  The problem of heat is made worse when you consider the small, compact form of a laptop.  Unfortunately if you have a gaming laptop, simply adding an extra fan isn’t always an option as there is simply no more room in the case… Read more »