Do you enjoy the competitiveness and fast paced action of team multiplayer but wish some of them also included elements from the RPG genre so you could build and truly care about the character you play?  If so, the MOBA could be the game for you.  These games offer fast paced gameplay with elements of… Read more »

Your laptop is pretty useless to you unless you have a place to store those much needed applications and files.  In the past, your storage options were somewhat limited as the technology simply hadn’t quite evolved.  Today, however, it is a much different story, and if you want to make sure you make the best… Read more »

If there is one thing that is inherent to all laptops out, it is that they get dirty.  From the screens to the outside case to the keyboard, it doesn’t take long for a brand new laptop to become caked and covered with dirt and dust.  While you may think that your bathroom is probably… Read more »

Part I – The Best Distribution for Home Use Today Linux still suffers from that long held myth that it is harder to use than Windows and Mac and is really only designed for computer geeks and those that hold positions in the tech industry.  However, times have changed.  The truth is that Linux has… Read more »

Nothing can make or break your computer use quicker than a keyboard.  If the keys are stiff or unresponsive you will quickly find that you hate to use your computer.  But if they keys of your keyboard feel good to the touch and it is responsive, looks good and provides a few extra features to… Read more »

Not too long ago you may have ready my post about turning your old laptop into a Chromebook by using the open source version of Google’s operating system known as Chromium OS.  While this will work, I received a few questions about other ways you can run Chromium OS with particular interest in running the… Read more »

While you may think that the best games ever made are currently being churned out right now by the video game companies, you couldn’t be more wrong.  While there are some great titles out there today, many of them can’t even begin to compare to some of the classics that were created back in the… Read more »