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One of the most common questions I get from computer users is why are laptops so much more expensive than desktops?  While that may come as a surprise to you, many computer users out there just don’t understand what makes them so much more expensive.  After all, the parts inside a laptop are very similar… Read more »

Trackpads are great.  They allow you to work and use your laptop almost anywhere, and more recently with the more advanced gestures that have been included with many trackpads, they are becoming even easier to use effectively.  That being said, there is nothing that can replace a good quality mouse when you really want to… Read more »

Your laptop is pretty useless to you unless you have a place to store those much needed applications and files.  In the past, your storage options were somewhat limited as the technology simply hadn’t quite evolved.  Today, however, it is a much different story, and if you want to make sure you make the best… Read more »

If there is one thing that is inherent to all laptops out, it is that they get dirty.  From the screens to the outside case to the keyboard, it doesn’t take long for a brand new laptop to become caked and covered with dirt and dust.  While you may think that your bathroom is probably… Read more »

Nothing can make or break your computer use quicker than a keyboard.  If the keys are stiff or unresponsive you will quickly find that you hate to use your computer.  But if they keys of your keyboard feel good to the touch and it is responsive, looks good and provides a few extra features to… Read more »

Not too long ago you may have ready my post about turning your old laptop into a Chromebook by using the open source version of Google’s operating system known as Chromium OS.  While this will work, I received a few questions about other ways you can run Chromium OS with particular interest in running the… Read more »

How many of you out there have an old laptop sitting around just taking up space and getting in the way? That was a lot of hands. Okay I know I can’t see you and you can’t see me. But I think we can all admit to having at least one old laptop in our… Read more »

One of the best parts about today’s laptop and computer environment is the amount of freedom you have to choose the type of computer and operating system that you want to use.  However, with this freedom comes the burden of figuring out which platform will work best for you, and that’s not always easy. In… Read more »

Using Virtualization to Run More Than One Operating System (VirtualBox Tutorial) Today, we bring you the final segment of our three-part series on running multiple operating systems on your laptop.  Previously we have discussed the benefits of running multiple operating systems while highlighting the different methods you can use to accomplish this task.  Last week,… Read more »

One of the most common enemies to all computer users is heat.  The problem of heat is made worse when you consider the small, compact form of a laptop.  Unfortunately if you have a gaming laptop, simply adding an extra fan isn’t always an option as there is simply no more room in the case… Read more »