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One of the most unique types of games that were originally created on the PC, were sandbox games.  This games differ greatly from the traditional level progression you see in many games.  These types of games often don’t even have an ending.  Instead, they allow you to choose how you play the game and exactly… Read more »

While you may think that the best games ever made are currently being churned out right now by the video game companies, you couldn’t be more wrong.  While there are some great titles out there today, many of them can’t even begin to compare to some of the classics that were created back in the… Read more »

Playing games on a laptop doesn’t have to be an exercise in frustration.  In fact, with just a little effort on your part, you can actually create a gaming experience that is second to none and one that any gamer would be proud of.  PC gaming is nothing like console gaming, however.  Unlike consoles, PC’s… Read more »

Simulation games are a genre that really got their start on the PC.  Beginning with the earliest versions of Sim City and early attempts at flight simulators, today the genre has risen to become some of the most complex and entertaining gaming titles available.  While some of these games make it to other console platforms,… Read more »