Gaming Tips

Last week, I talked about many of the benefits of playing video games, and there were quite a few.  But to be fair and balanced, I think it is important to also discuss some of the negative drawbacks of video games as well.  Make no mistake, I believe overall that video games are a good… Read more »

How many times have you heard your parents or even your spouse telling you to stop playing too many video games?  It seems that statement is heard by anyone who loves video games at one time or another.  While you should never take it to the extreme, recent studies into video games are painting a… Read more »

One of the most unique types of games that were originally created on the PC, were sandbox games.  This games differ greatly from the traditional level progression you see in many games.  These types of games often don’t even have an ending.  Instead, they allow you to choose how you play the game and exactly… Read more »