Can You Play Games on a Mac?

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Can You Play Games on a Mac?

There are many people that love Apple products. The iPhone is one of the most popular technology products in the world today and continues to dominate the market, but what about the Mac? Can you play games on a Mac? Well, it has grown in popularity over the years, but with this growth many considering making the switch wonder if you can play games on a Mac. The answer is, yes! However, there are a few caveats with that yes.

Some Games Don’t Get Ported to the Mac

Developers are working on very tight budgets, and they don’t always have the resources to bring their game to every platform they would like. This usually means that macOS gets left off the list. The game is created for consoles and Windows in an effort to get their games to the widest audience possible. While that is bad news for Mac owners, it’s just business really. More machines have Windows, so they have a better shot at making money on that platform than they do the Mac.

Delays in Mac Ports

Some developers do dedicate resources to a Mac port of their game. However, these games often come out after the Windows and console versions have been out for a bit. In some cases, in can be six months or even a year after the initial release. If it’s a multiplayer game, that means you will be starting late and you may already notice population issues as the original purchasers have already moved on to another game.


Of course, you don’t have to wait for the games to come to a macOS in order to play them. Today you can load Windows onto your Mac using Bootcamp. When you want to play a game, you simply reboot your computer and load up Windows. You can then install whatever game you want natively since you are basically running a PC at that point. This is, of course, cumbersome as you have to completely restart your system each time you want to play and then restart it again to return to macOS, but it can be done.

Mac Games Improving

One thing I should note here is that gaming on the Mac is improving. Services such as Steam have made it easier for game makers to get their games to Mac owners, and this has resulted in an increase in gaming on the Mac platform. However, it is still far lower than Windows when it comes to sales and players so some developers have been slow to adopt this model for gaming on the Mac.

Final Thoughts

So can you play games on a Mac? Of course. But it will mean you have to wait for some releases or you will be forced to buy Windows and install it on your Mac if you want to run the PC versions on your machine so you don’t have to wait and in many cases it may be better to simply fork out for a dedicated gaming laptop or PC.

Mac gaming is getting better, and you will find more games today available for Mac than you ever have before, but there is still a long way to go before it reaches the heights of PC gaming.

Do you game on your Mac? If so, do you use Bootcamp or do you just wait for a Mac port before you play it? Tell me how you do it in the comments below.


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