Blue Screen of Death Becomes Green for Windows Testers

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Blue Screen of Death Becomes Green for Windows Testers

We all know about the blue screen of death on Windows. It is one thing that has been even more constant than the Start menu on all the versions of Windows. Even Windows 10 has its own version of the blue screen of death. However, now after all these years there has been a chance. The blue screen of death has become the green screen of death, at least for Windows testers.

The new green screen of death was spotted recently in build 14997 of Windows 10. This developer build has not even been formally released as of yet, but nonetheless users have already found the color change when Windows crashes. I guess it wasn’t too difficult for them to get it to crash. When it was first discovered, some were actually skeptical. However, Microsoft’s Matthijs Hoekstra confirmed the color change on Twitter.

The color change, when you think about it, actually makes sense. Microsoft will be able to immediately distinguish problems with consumer versions of Windows 10 and developer builds that are known to be less stable.

Microsoft has already improved the blue screen of death messages on Windows 10 by including QR codes that you can scan to get help with your error. The hope is you can use your smartphone to find answers to some of the problems that may cause the blue screen in the first place. Still, most users agree that the blue screen of death is still one of the worst error messages you can encounter and in most cases none of the support is really all that helpful. But at least Microsoft is trying.

Now, one can argue that developers and testers will have more experience and be able to solve the problems themselves, so does Microsoft really need a color change at all to help them sort out the problems. Even if they solve their own problems, Microsoft does still want to know about them. Having this indicator can make it easier for them to sort and keep things organized so they can fix the bugs that crop up on both the live and tester versions much more quickly than if they didn’t have it. It’s also a nice little feature to have to set the different versions apart from one another.

This isn’t the only upcoming feature in these newer preview builds of Windows. Reportedly there is a new gaming mode coming and a night mode that will reduce the amount of light coming from your display at night if your machine is still on. Overall, we still don’t know too much about these future versions and Microsoft has yet to comment on many of these features. However, you can expect to hear more about them very soon as the different releases get closer.

What do you think about the change to the blue screen of death? Should Microsoft be focusing their development elsewhere or do you think this will help them sort out the bugs more easily? Tell me your thoughts in the comments below.

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