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Best Mac OS Tips and Tricks You Might Not Know About

Become a Mac OS expert with these useful tips and tricks for getting the most out of your Apple PC.

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Best Mac OS Tips and Tricks You Might Not Know About

The Mac operating system has lots of secrets which even experienced Mac users may not know about. Today, we will share some Mac tricks provided to make work on your Macbook or iMac more productive. The article will be especially useful for those who are new to Mac having transitioned over from another Windows based high-end laptop.

1. How to create Mac shortcuts for any menu item


It does happen, when you need to call an appropriate application function quite often that the app does not provide Mac quick keys for it. In such a case, you can create a shortcut to the desired function using macOS regular tools.

1)    Go to the System Preferences → Keyboard → Shortcuts tab → App Shortcuts.

2)    Press the “+” button to add hot keys for a specific application. You just need to know the exact name of the menu command.

2. How to use Spotlight search efficiently

Everyone knows about the Spotlight file search system; however, not everyone knows how to use it effectively. So here are some tips for you.

1)   Searching for the exact phrases

You might know that if you enter a search query in quotation marks in Google Google, you will get results with only a complete match. The same technique works in Spotlight. Type your phrase in quote marks and get only those documents that contain exactly this phrase.

2) Searching for contacts

If you are still not used to using the standard Contacts application, then we have good news for you. You can search for your contacts using Spotlight. Simply enter the desired name and get the complete information about the person.

3) Disabling unnecessary results


If you want to exclude from the search some categories of files, you can disable them by going to the System Preferences → Spotlight → Search Results. Uncheck the categories to skip them from the search.

4) Using Calculator and Currency Converter

Simple computations can be made without a calculator: just enter what you want to calculate in the Spotlight and get the answer.

In addition, you can use the built-in currency converter, which will transfer any currency to the one you choose.

5) Copy the file right from Spotlight

Yes, you can copy a file from Spotlight with just dragging the file from the search results to the needed directory. Do not worry, the file will be copied, not moved and no Apple shortcuts will be needed.

3. How to Quickly View Information about the Wi-Fi connection

If you need to quickly access Wi-Fi connection information, you can hold down the Option key ⌥ and make a click on the Wi-Fi icon in the bar menu. Unlike the usual pop-up window, you will see the parameters of your current connection. By releasing the option key, you can drag the mouse to other Wi-Fi networks and see the pop-up information about them.

4. How to Quickly Reboot Finder

If you want to reboot the Finder, you can use Mac Terminal tricks. You will need to enter the following command and click Enter.

killall Finder

In fact, the easiest way to reboot Finder is to use keyboard tricks again. Just hold down the Option key and make a right-click on the Finder icon in the Dock panel. Then select “Relaunch” from the pop-up menu.

Since the release of the macOS Sierra 10.12 update, Mac users are able to respond to messages in the standard iMessage application. That’s just a specific button for calling the menu of reactions there: for this, you need to click on the desired message and hold the cursor until the corresponding icons appear.

5. How to make your Mac even more convenient with Terminal tricks

By the way, there is a wide range of Terminal tricks you can use to make your Mac even more convenient. Here are some secret Terminal commands.

1)   View the contents of any file

If you have a damaged file or you suspect that some parts inside are hidden, you can force the Terminal to open it. For this, use the following command:

cat ~ / path / to / file

2) Change the file extension of the screenshots

This command allows you to change the file extension of the screenshots from .PNG to any other, including PDF and JPG.

defaults write type jpg

3) New names for the screenshots

If you do not like the boring and inconvenient format of the screenshot name, use the command below to replace the word “Screenshot” with another more suitable word.

defaults write name "New name"
killall SystemUIServer

To return the setting to the original name, enter this command:

defaults write name ""
killall SystemUIServer

4) Enable the display of hidden files and folders

If you want to show hidden files and folders, use this command:

defaults write
AppleShowAllFiles -bool TRUE
killall finder

To hide files, change the value from TRUE to FALSE.

If you need this option quite often or want to hide particular files, we recommend that you use a free application Funter which allows you to show hidden files with just one click. Funter is one of the essential Mac apps every macOS user should have.


The specified Mac tricks allow you to increase the productivity and quality of work on your Mac computer. There are dozens more tips. You can find more Mac tutorials on our blog. Also, don’t hesitate to comment on what types of Apple tutorials you would like to see in the not hesitate to write in the comments which Apple tutorials you would like us to write more on.

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