Aorus Gaming Box Unveiled At Computex 2017

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Aorus Gaming Box Unveiled At Computex 2017

The name Aorus still remains relatively unknown to many gamers, however, they unveiled a new product at this year’s Computex that may very well be a game changer for many laptop gamers. The Aorus Gaming Box is an external graphics enclosure that is set to take on and demolish the competition. The competition in this case are Alienware, ASUS and Razer and all of their systems come without a graphics card.

Aorus Who?

If you have never heard of Aorus before, then let me just fill you in quickly. Aorus is a subsidiary of Gigabyte and have been producing gaming hardware since 2014, making them a seemingly newcomer to the market. While they do make some impressive laptops, not everyone wants to lug around a big heavy laptop all the time. This conundrum has made some gaming hardware manufacturers sit-up and rethink gaming on an Ultrabook level. It comes as no surprise that most Ultrabooks do not come with powerful dedicated GPUs. This is why Razer pushed their Core external GPU enclosure when they launched their Razer Stealth Ultrabook.

Checking Out the Competition

Though the Core is not cheap by any means, and that doesn’t even take into account the extra cost of a desktop-based GPU. The ASUS ROG XG Station 2 is also a new announcement, and while it is still not on the market, it has been rumored to be around the same price as the Razer Core. The Alienware Graphics Amplifier is slightly cheaper than the Razor Core, though it can only be used with an Alienware laptop due to the Amplifier port that is needed to connect the external enclosure to a laptop. This already puts it into its own category as both the Razer and the ASUS connect via Thunderbolt 3 (USB Type-C) and don’t need you to have any fancy ports to use them.

What We Know

What makes the Aorus Gaming Box different is that it will come with an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 included in its price. The other enclosures all come completely empty and allow you to install any card that you want in them. What Aorus have done is taken the concept and made it into a smaller enclosure, which makes it far more portable than competing products. They have taken away the hassle of finding a card that will fit the specifications of the chassis, meaning that it is straight up plug-and-play. The back of the Aorus Gaming Box features two DVI ports, an HDMI port and a DisplayPort and four USB 3.0 ports. You also get the Thunderbolt 3 port to connect the Gaming Box to your PC.

While we do not have any hard data yet on the dimensions of the case, it has been reported that the Aorus Gaming Box is about half the length and height of the Alienware Graphics Amplifier and the Razer Core. Another benefit is that Aorus actually make their own graphics cards, this means that they can make even more powerful versions of the GTX 1070 or a custom GTX 1080 Ti that will fit in the Gaming Box. This gives them an edge over the likes of Alienware and Razer, though that being said, ASUS also produces their own cards and their XG Station 2 is also quite large.

Wrap Up

As mentioned, the Aorus Gaming Box is not on the market yet and if you are looking at upgrading your gaming laptop’s graphics performance, then we recommend that you wait for the Aorus Gaming Box. At a retail price of $599, this setup will only cost you an average of $200 more than a GTX 1070. This makes it great value for money and easily obliterates the competition in portability. If you would just prefer a more powerful laptop, then you can always just purchase a high-end VR-Ready gaming laptop that already comes with a GTX 1070 or even the more powerful GTX 1080.

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