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The Acer Swift 7 Retakes Titles of World’s Thinnest Laptop

The Acer Swift 7 has retaken the title of the world’s thinnest laptop after its unveiling at CES 2018.

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The Acer Swift 7 Retakes Titles of World’s Thinnest Laptop

Acer is stepping up their game in 2018, and their first volley in the world of laptops is the new Acer Swift 7. With its release, Acer now regains the title of the world’s thinnest laptop. Announced at CES 2018 alongside many other new laptops, the second generation Acer Swift 7 was definitely one of the highlights of the conference.

The new Acer Swift 7, soon to be featured in our high-end laptops guide, measures at an impressive 8.98mm, which is a full millimeter thinner than the previous model. But this wasn’t the only improvement Acer made to the Swift line. The new laptop now includes a larger, 14-inch display, and an Intel i7 processor (the last model was limited to an i5). In addition, the new model also has a fingerprint sensor and even has a 4G LTE connectivity option available.

“We’re extremely proud to make the world’s thinnest laptop even thinner with the new Swift 7,” said Jerry Kao, President of IT Products Business of Acer Inc. “Building on the engineering breakthroughs from the previous generation, the new Swift 7 steps up the game with an even slimmer chassis, powerful performance and always-on 4G LTE connectivity for professionals on the go.”

“The next PC anyone buys should be a great PC – powerful to feed the newest, richest experiences all day long,” said Chris Walker, Vice President of Intel Corp. “Acer’s Swift 7 delivers on the performance expectation then ups the ante with built-in 4G LTE in an ultra-thin, stunning design. It’s the perfect PC for those who have things to do and create anywhere, at any time.”

“Acer’s new Swift 7 is a great Windows 10 PC for on-the-go professionals or consumers who crave portability and connectivity,” said Peter Han, Vice President, Partner Devices and Solutions, Microsoft Corp. “The Swift 7 is thin, light, and perfect for customers to stay connected on the go.”

The Acer Swift 7 Retakes Titles of World’s Thinnest Laptop

Overall, the first impressions of this laptop are quite good. The laptop is sleek and stylish, and gives you plenty of power under the hood to be able work almost anywhere. There were a few minor annoyances mostly due to the small form factor. For example, the camera is on the bottom of the screen, which will give everyone a great look up your nose when you use it. Another problem many had was with the trackpad. While a cool thought, the trackpad doesn’t have any tactile feel, and for some that may seem like something is missing.

Connectivity is a bit limiting as well. Think MacBook Pro. The Acer Swift 7 only comes with 2 USB Type-C ports. That means you are going to need a host of adapters to connect some of the more traditional USB and network devices that you have probably become accustomed to over the years.

The Acer Swift 7 will be available in March for $1,700, which is a bit of a heavy price tag, considering a starter MacBook costs only $1,300 and even a Dell XPS starts at $1,000. What do you think about the new world’s thinnest laptop? Will you be grabbing one in a couple of months?

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